The Vision

Imagine a world in which anyone can create a highly productive, volunteer-led, 100-person organization — in 1 hour.

You create a project, create a hierarchy of tasks within that project (starting with high-level goals and breaking them down), specify which skills are necessary to complete those tasks, then invite people by their interests and skill set who’ve chosen to create profiles visible to other users on that (invite-only) server.  You could also post an invite link to Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News, and wherever else to bring people in with limited permissions.  At the minimum permissions level, invitees can only see and only work on the tasks you’ve assigned to them; they can’t see the other people involved, and they can’t see the master plan, which is ideal for high-security projects (e.g., investigating corruption or trying to pass Wall Street-unfriendly legislation).  Soon, all of this will be encrypted end-to-end.

Furthermore, Effective’s task management feature allows projects to assign tasks to other projects.  That’s right — we can build a global federation of world-changing projects, helping each other when appropriate by leveraging each other’s expertise.

Now imagine having many semi-autonomous chat bots doing useful things — a Tor downloader bot, port scanner, vulnerability scanner, RSS feed watcher (for keywords), 404/broken link finder bot (for the domains you give it), and more — that constantly run and notify you when something important occurs (e.g., a server you asked the vuln scanner bot to watch is vulnerable to a new vulnerability).  And then imagine these bots calling each other (e.g., a Twitter-scraping bot asks the Tor downloader bot to scrape its tweets over Tor).  And then imagine being able to assign tasks to bots, who then use the other bots’ functionality as needed.

There will also be a private, per-project Activity Feed so that you can look in there and get a sense of what your comrades are doing; which tasks have been recently created or completed, what decisions have been made and in which chat rooms, and who recently joined (including who invited them).

I’m making Effective a Public Benefit Corporation, which is basically a company that exists in the public interest; if I make some decision that decreases its profitability to make the world a better place, any investors I have can’t sue me for failing to maximize profit like has happened with C corps.  I’m seriously considering doing equity crowd-funding and having developers earn equity by contributing code.  Both of these moves align Effective with its stakeholders, and will result in thousands of people encouraging the world to use Effective over Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and others, both for the sake of the people using it, and to increase the value of the fraction of that they own.

Effective Meta-Projects

Basic Income for All

If we spearhead a campaign to fight for a Basic Income in one country, and Effective is used to coordinate this, we will free up millions of people to do what they want with their lives by getting them a Basic Income, some of whom will join us in getting a Basic Income for people in the next country, and so on, and some of those people will help in developing the software further, enabling us to become even more effective.

The dominoes will fall, not to Communism, but to smart, 21st century free(ish)-market Democratic Socialist policies like a Basic Income — all thanks to human ingenuity, the internet, and

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